Local Cab Owner Very Concerned Over Uber Coming to Red Deer

Associated Cab Red Deer (Courtesy Google Street View)

Associated Cab Red Deer (Courtesy Google Street View)

The owner of Associated Cab in Red Deer can’t fathom why the City of Red Deer would want to see Uber come in and divert 30 per cent of the local economy out of the country.

Daryl Frenette says the taxi service here is stable and that it doesn’t make sense to legalize a company that disobeys bylaws and regulations and operates without commercial insurance.

He says Uber doesn’t serve disenfranchised people, such as those who need handi-vans, animal service, or people that have to pay by cash or those who don’t have cellphones. He says what they’ll try to do is take over and eventually raise prices.

“They’re not a ride-hail service. They’re a technology company offering nothing but a different type of dispatch service. That’s all they are, a taxi company that offers discounts,” says Frenette.

He says Uber offers absolutely nothing that regular cab companies don’t already.

Frenette asks how it’s possible Uber users don’t have to pay GST when Uber is clearly a servic

Uber held a meeting in Red Deer to gauge interest at the end of January, with close to 40 people in attendance.

Mayor and Council are yet to take a stance on the controversial ride-sharing service and are scheduling meetings with both sides for the coming weeks.

Associated Cab Red Deer Owner Daryl Frenette

Posted on February 9, 2016 in News

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